As time passes by I am here all-alone with 4 walls and a floor and it will be mine for a long time thinking of all the crime that I have done.

I wish I can turn the clock around and change my life around. Stars are shining down on us.

I wish I can take one and go far away from 4 walls.

And be a star and shine.

Let me be

I want to be free
just to be me.
I want to see a new me
but that can’t be
because the real me is inside me.
They locked me up
just because I mucked up.
I asked for a chance to be free –
But that can’t be because I am me.


Being angry it feels like you are a glass of water and your head is half full of emotions.

Every minute of the day some one is dripping a little bit of water in the glass.

The tap then drips the last drop of water.

The glass overflows then turns into a volcano And EXPLODES…

True Intentions

Hey little girls, please watch out
You really don’t know what that man is all about
You can see him on the ceiling,
You can see him on the wall,
Please little girls, just watch out.
You don’t know what he’s thinkin’,
You don’t know what he is like,
You don’t know about his background, so please watch out. Read more