Loves me, loves me not…

Love Me, Love Me Not…

Welcome to the Loves Me, Loves Me Not quiz

Being in a relationship can be a really special feeling. Knowing someone is attracted to you and wants to spend time with you and vice versa is really exciting. Some relationships start quickly, some relationships develop over time, some relationships are easy and some more complicated, some are short lived and some are deep and long lasting. It is really important that you are in relationships that are healthy and make you feel safe, comfortable, listened to, respected, accepted and the list goes on.
So how healthy is your relationship? Not sure if your boyfriend is the real deal? Does your girlfriend value you for who you are? Do you feel respected by your partner? Why not try our Loves Me...Loves Me Not quiz to find out how healthy your relationship is. This is confidential but you must answer questions honestly to get the best answer.

For more info on what makes a good, healthy relationship check out what Brook has to say.

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