Selfies and Sexting…

Selfies and Sexting

Selfies and Sexting…

‘Everyone’s doing it!’

Really? Is everyone doing it? Is it ok to send naked selfies of yourself? What is a rude or nude picture of you? Ever felt pressure to send a pic of yourself to your boyfriend/girlfriend/someone else?

Sexting or sending naked selfies is definitely on the increase but don’t believe that everyone is doing it and you don’t have to be taking part BUT if you do – THINK about what you are doing and stay SAFE!

Apparently 1 in 7 young people admit to have taken a semi or fully naked picture of themselves.

Sexting can be anything from naughty texts, pictures involving partial nudity right up to full sexual images or video. Sometimes it is a form of flirting between two partners or potential partners. It can use a full range of devices, online spaces and technology.

It is illegal!

The serious stuff

Sharing a naked or partially naked picture or video of a person under 18 or having pictures on your computer or phone of anyone under 18 can be classified as child abuse and you could be taken to court and end up with a criminal record for sexual offences.

As of January 2016 in England and Wales, if a young person is found creating or sharing images, the police can choose to record that a crime has been committed but they don’t require taking formal action if it isn’t in public interest.


Feeling the pressure? Being asked for selfies but not sure how to say No?

It can be really stressful if you are being pressurised to share sexts of yourself or share pictures you might have of others but help is at hand
the NSPCC have a fab app called ZIPIT which helps you to keep flirty chat on the right track, it has comebacks and tips to help you keep the chat online where you want it!

Zipit is available on Android and Apple. Download it for free now.

Another great app for learning more about sexting is ‘Send this Instead’ again available for free on Android and Apple.

Find out more…

There are loads of great places to find out more about Sexting and sending naked Selfies. Why not check them out so you are armed with all the info you need!!