True Intentions

Hey little girls, please watch out
You really don’t know what that man is all about
You can see him on the ceiling,
You can see him on the wall,
Please little girls, just watch out.
You don’t know what he’s thinkin’,
You don’t know what he is like,
You don’t know about his background, so please watch out.

I get it – it’s a Friday night,
You wanna have fun and wanna do it right,
And there’s that man that’s always around,
You just gotta wait for him to make a sound?
You know he will.

If he’s always there hangin around,
Just keep your head to the ground,
No matter how many times he asks,
Just give it a pass.
Don’t matter how much nice things he has,
You never really know what his true intentions are,
So just keep your distance – far.

Here is comes – the moment of truth you’ll later regret,
It wont be so easy to forget.
“Hey li’l ladies what can I get you?”
He takes your orders then says
“See you in a few”.
He’s about to come back,
You should feel under attack.
Here he comes – step by step,
I’d get out of there if I was you.
“There you go hun, you going anywhere fun?”
“Come back to mine there’s plenty more drink, what do you think?”

Everyone has secrets there’s no doubt ‘bout that.
But some are worse than others-
You best watch your back.
People wear masks to hide their true self.
Look a little deeper he could have left his true self on the shelf
But not forever just for a while,
Until he has another childhood to add to the pile.