“In the house there were four white walls, with a wooden bed up against the wall. In the top right corner under the window, I could see a small photo frame hanging up, it was a birthday badge. As I turned my head I could see that he had his dog stay in his room with him. While I was on that bed, my heart was beating and my mouth was dry. All I could hear was the sound of his little portable radio, beside his window…”

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My Journey to an unknown world

It started in February 2009, I got moved into a children’s home I turned 14 the month before. I had only been here a week and a half and one of the males took me into town and introduced me to this female.

As I didn’t know anyone from the city I live in I thought I finally had a decent friend. So every day I was going to town to meet this female who is a few years older than me, we were meeting every day, I thought I was finally welcomed for who I was and not because of my past. So we used to hang out and she started introducing me to all these men who were older than me. Read more